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  • Free mileage
  • Tax included
  • Additional Drivers
  • No hidden charges
  • (CDW)-Damage Insurance, Collision and Theft
  • (PLI)-Third Party Insurance
  • (PAI)-Medical Insurance

Make your reservation in Airport Cancun Car Rental with the best rates including fees and taxes, free mileage and full coverage insurance. Pay on-line and save 10% off.

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Come and discover the neighboring countries of Guatemala and Belize! all for our vehicules are permited for entry into these countries! cross the border in ease, and enjoy your vacations, leave your worries behind! from Cancun to Guatemala without changing vehicles, only from Airport Cancun Car Rental.

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  • The minimum age for drivers is 21 years of age at Cancun car rental company.
  • Possession of Valid driver's license
  • The primary driver and any additional operators must present a valid driver's license from the country of residence.
  • We reserve the right to verify driver's license validity under rules set by Airport Cancun Car Rental and refuse to rent based on any negative information.
  • Airport Cancun Car Rental requires Official identification or Passport required for Foreigners.
  • As a method of payment we only accept credit cards as final payment. Debit cards also accepted, however only at time of settlement.
  • Credit cards accepted: American Express, Visa and Master Card accepted at Cancun car rental company
  • Airport Cancun Car Rental reserves the right to refuse some bank credit cards for special programs or for illegibility.
  • It is important to consider that Airport Cancun Car Rental requires that the driver's license, credit card and official identification have at minimum of one year from date of issue.
  • Airport Cancun Car Rental reserves the right to refuse rental if income requirements are not met or if our staff in the rental office do not consider it prudent, both for benefit Airport Cancun Car Rental Cancun but also to protect our customers.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards
  • Travelers Checks
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Cash deposit as guarantee.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the area of usage and mileage?
A: At Airport Cancun Car Rental there are no restrictions on mileage.

Q: Can I drive the vehicle in Belize and Guatemala?
A: Yes as long as you have indicated prior to your reservation and / or processing of the contract.

Q: Do your vehicles use gasoline or diesel?
A: All our vehicles use gasoline at Airport Cancun Car Rental.

Q: Can I pay at the gas station with a credit card?
A: Usually not, although some do accept them. It is recommended to pay in cash before filling.

Q: Can I pay for gas with Dollars and / or Euros?
A: Dollars are accepted at most gas stations and other businesses. However Euros are not.

At Airport Cancun Car Rental we offer Pick-ups and Returns free of charge in the same city.

If you arrive by air and Pick-up is at the airport in Cancun:
One of our representatives will be waiting in the Arrivals hall at the airport with a large sign with our company name and logo and clear for easy identification. On arrival, our representative will transport you to Airport Cancun Car Rental facility for delivery of your rental vehicle, as we do not have a physical presence at the airport.

For Drop-Off or returns you have the option of leaving the vehicle at our office, your hotel or at the airport.
In case of accident, our insurance company requires that the driver's name be specified in the lease, therefore, all drivers must be authorized and have valid driver's license with photograph. Also, in case of an accident the driver must call us immediately so we can send an insurance company agent to the scene.


  • Mini Economy, Economy and Compact: 1,500.00 USD
  • Mid Size, Intermediate and Full Size: 1,900.00 USD
  • Jeep's and SUV's: 2,500.00 USD
  • Mini Vans and Full Size Vans: 3,500.00 USD
  • Luxury Vehicles: 4,000.00 USD

If for some reason the customer returns the vehicle before the date specified in the lease, shall refund the cost of rent, however, the cost of insurance and the tax is not refundable.

The minimum age is 21 years.
Yes it is valid and needs to walk at all times with it (license current).
When you arrive at the airport, someone will be waiting for him outside. He will bring a sign with your name and to carry a hallmark of the company.
There is no extra cost, all this is included in the total reservation cost.
You can pick up the car directly at our offices located at the following address: Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio Km 12.5 Plaza Santa Fe Locales 04 y 06 or at Cancun Hotel Zone Kukulcan Bouleveard Km 12.6 Plaza Sands Local 1
No. We will go for you and take you to our office to be handed over the car or if to return it..
No, you must return it in the nearest office. We'll take him to the airport once, completed the necessary procedures.
At the time of booking you can do to the specification of where you want it delivered the car. Depending on the distance shall be the fee.
The entire fleet is standard except for the Jeep that has standard and manual version.
All vehicles using gasoline..
At any station, there is no restrictions.
You can pay by cash or card, in case of you use card check first if the station card is service fees.
All accept Mexican pesos and U.S. dollars (according to the exchange rate), other currencies are not accepted at gas stations.
You should contact the insured immediately. When you signing the contract, ask for details about the insurance in question.
When you rent a car, this includes a basic insurance (CDW), however if you require more insurance is available before you rent.
CDW is Collision Damage restriction, PAI is Personal Accident Insurance, TPI is insurance protection against theft, VAT is the value added tax, LF is the rate of vehicle license.
All cars have GPS and if needed, we also have Baby Chair is very important that if you require the latter let us know at the time of booking.


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Feel free to call us for your reservations.

Phones:+52 (998) Ext. 1101
LADA 800 National:

Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio Km 12.5
Plaza Santa Fe Locales 04 y 06 or at
Cancun Hotel Zone Kukulcan Bouleveard
Km 12.6 Plaza Sands Local 1